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The Programs

Community Development

The welfare and happiness of children in South Africa is fundamental in the well-being and happiness of all its citizens.                                  

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Farmers’ Clubs

Farmers Club is a Humana People to People initiative aimed at bringing sustainable subsistence farming to the poor communities.                  

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The National Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 states that HIV and AIDS is one of the main challenges facing South Africa today.                     

hiv-aidsRead More: HIV/AIDS Program

Education and Youth

Skills training forms the core of all Humana People to People projects. We believe that development is about building capacity and sharing skills.

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HIV & TB Awareness

We recently worked with Global Cause on the 2020 HIV & TB Awareness campaign. A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the... Read More: HIV & TB Awareness

World AIDS Day 2020: Global Solidarity, Sharing Responsibility

Every year, 1 December is World AIDS Day. The members of Humana People to People have in the past 20 years reached more than 20 million people... Read More:World AIDS Day 2020: Global Solidarity, Sharing...

About SADC Malaria Week 2020

SADC Malaria Week aims to raise awareness, mobilise communities to take ownership over the fight to end malaria, promote partnership and advocate... Read More: About SADC Malaria Week 2020

SADC Malaria Day 2020

Today we acknowledge SADC (Southern African Development Community) Malaria Day as we continue our fight to save lives from malaria. This day aims... Read More: SADC Malaria Day 2020


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