Humana People to People in South Africa (HPPSA) is a member of the Federation of Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement.

It was established in South Africa in 1995, with the goal to respond to the socio-economic needs of the underprivileged communities. Its first project in South Africa was established in Soweto in 1998 in cooperation with the local government. HPPSA is registered as a non-profit company under the Department of Trade and Industry as non-profit organisation under Department of Social Development.

HPPSA works in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Plan aiming at eliminating poverty and reducing inequality by 2030. HPPSA places itself in the middle of the arena together with the people, government, business and civil society to strive for these goals. In 2019, the organisation continued to work with communities in standing together in creating a better life for all.

At present, HPPSA runs the following four (4) community development programs:


Community Development

  • Building the capacities of families, especially women, and their communities to encounter the challenges of everyday life.
  • Protecting children, working to ensure that their upbringing is safe and healthy and promote their potential.
  • Engaging young people to be active participants in their communities’ development.


Food Security

  • Supporting communities to establish vegetable and herbal gardens in schools and clinics.
  • Educating families on healthy diets and demonstrating nutritious recipes.
  • Supporting efforts for families to start income generating activities and savings schemes.



  • Training and support to pre-schools to deliver child-centered early childhood education.
  • Literacy campaigns and capacity building of poor community members, men and women.
  • Skills training of youth in life skills, activism and entrepreneurial skills.



  • Working with communities at large to reduce new incidences of HIV & AIDS, and TB.
  • Linking HIV & AIDS and TB patients to care and treatment and support.
  • Working to empower communities tormented by HIV & AIDS, TB and other diseases to confront and overcome them.
  • Fighting the spread of malaria in border areas to test and treat, and offering support to those affected.
  • Building resilience and capacity of communities and health facilities to reduce the burden of disease.
  • Promoting good health and practices.


 Mission Statement 


We look upon South Africa as a country with great resources in its people, its culture, and its nature. We look upon South Africa as a country, which plays an important role in the African continent and in the world. We also look upon South Africa as a country with great challenges to be addressed in order to create a society where all people can fulfil their dreams and develop their potential. 


Only by a collective effort, these challenges can be overcome. In The Spirit Of Solidarity Humanism, We Will: 


  • Train and empower communities to take total control of the HIV&AIDS epidemic and mitigate its impact. 
  • Educate, nurture and inspire children to become active and responsible members of society. 
  • Equip individuals and families to meet their economic needs through skills training and income generating activities. 
  • Empower youth and adults with professional and life skills to play their part in development. 
  • Promote, advocate for and support volunteerism as an integrated part of creating development that benefits both the volunteers and the communities they work with. 
  • Practice and promote non-discrimination, global understanding and co-operation and contribute to creating equal opportunities for everyone. 
  • Deliver relief, care and support to vulnerable groups. 
  • Co-operate with other organisations, government departments and local structures to strengthen the common impact.





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