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The welfare and happiness of children in a country is fundamental in the well-being and happiness of all its citizens. If children suffer, we all suffer. How children grow up and develop is furthermore decisive for a country’s future.
South Africa faces a challenge due to the growing number of children who live under conditions of severe poverty. Growing unemployment and AIDS mortality are creating a generation of socio-economically deprived children. Many of the children are robbed of their childhood as result of having to take on the role of parent and caregiver to siblings, and in some cases, ill parents. The HIV and AIDS epidemic has further undermined what is a general trend in the lives of many children in the country, particularly in the rural areas, townships and peri-urban areas. With regard to the impact of AIDS for example, around 50% of the 2.5 million orphans in the country, are AIDS orphans.

South African communities struggle to provide the necessary support to the children, who are then often left to provide for themselves without adult guidance and support. HPP in South Africa has therefore devoted itself to creating a better life for children and especially support those children that are facing hardships due to poverty and HIV and AIDS. This has mainly been done through its Child Aid and HOPE Humana Projects, but also in TCE, thousands of children have been reached and taken care of.

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