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Humana People to People in South Africa operates a number of projects in 5 provinces of South Africa, namely Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. Humana People to People’s viewpoint is to create surplus from those who have more to assist those that are lesser fortunate. Humana Clothes Sale collects clothes and shoes from people who have a surplus, and sell to those who need it. Thereby value is created which can be used in Humana People to People’s projects to create employment, skills training, better opportunities for children and youth, fight HIV and TB and start food production.
Clothes and Shoes are collected in three ways:

  • Clothes will be collected in households.
  • Plywood mini containers will be set in safeguarded public areas where donors can drop off their clothes such as malls, business centres, churches, private schools, guarded apartment blocks and other  secured areas.
  • Factories are mobilized to donate the rejected clothes.

The clothes will be taken to a shop to be sorted and given a new lease of life so that they will be worn again.

The clothes are sold at a lower price with the proceeds from the sales being used to create development for the poor.

Climate Change
The recycling of clothes has a positive effect on the environment and helps to reduce the effect of global warming.Let’s say you fill a plastic bag with 5 kilograms of unwanted clothes. By donating this single bag you would have thus prevented 18 kilograms of C02 gases from polluting the atmosphere. You also would have saved 25,000 litres of water (water is heavily used in manufacturing of textiles), and avoided the dispersal of a significant quantity of insecticides, which is used in cotton production.

Such a small act, when carried out by many, can have a life changing effect for the planet. By supporting Humana’s Clothes Sale you can contribute to this effort and at the same time create surplus for development of the Poor, who are the ones suffering the most from the effect of Global Warming!


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