Child Aid Abaqulusi

Child Aid Abaqulusi started in October 2016.

Child Aid Abaqulusi is operating in Vryheid in Zululand District which is in KwaZulu-Natal Province.

The program is covering a population of 10 305 and operating in 10 areas:

  • Gluckstard Clinic in Ward 4,
  • Swart Mfolozi Clinic in Ward 4,
  • Fuduka Clinic in Ward 1,
  • Louwsburg Clinic in Ward 1,
  • Hlobane Clinic in Ward 7,
  • Youth center in Mondlo Ward 18,
  • Siyakhathala Clinic in Ward 14,
  • Makhwela Clinic in Ward 2,
  • Khambi Clinic in Ward 3 and
  • Ntambabomvu Clinic in Ward 21.

Child Aid Abaqulusi is implementing the Maternal and Child Health Program. The program is implemented through Door to Door campaigns, Opinion Forming Activities/Community dialogues, Clinic Committee training and Awareness Campaigns / Service Provision through mobile clinics. The focus is on the general population and the key population and the target population is Pregnant women, children from 0-3 years, and young women aged from 16-24.

Our stake holders are Facility managers, Traditional leaders, Department of Social Development, DOH in district and sub district level, Abaqulusi Municipality and Ward Counselors.

The program is made possible by funding from Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

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