Child Aid Doornkop

Located in the heart of Soweto, Doornkop, this Child Aid project has since 1998 brought a new lease on life into the community. Child Aid Doornkop falls within West of Soweto under region six of the city of Johannesburg. The project has established an outreach to 10,000 families (80,000 people) in Doornkop and Slovoville.
Through the help of long term staff who are committed to creating positive change and a number of well-managed partnerships, the project has developed into a vibrant community project with more than 200 staff and volunteers under its wings. Child Aid Doornkop has engaged 5000 OVC in the project’s various programmes such as Pre-school of the Future programme, schools programme, and youth clubs among others. Thus the project has scored highly towards its objective of creating a safe and nourishing environment for children in order for them to grow up healthily, happily and well-educated. Special emphasis is placed on the plight of OVC as well as orienting children towards positive behaviour and attitudes and education in particular.  
An important highlight at the project as in May 2008, when Child Aid Doornkop was presented with a highly prestigious Impumelelo Certificate of Excellency from the Impumelelo Innovation Award Trust. The award was in recognition of all the work Child Aid Doornkop is doing for the community of Soweto and its endless contribution towards improving the quality of life for poor citizens.

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