Child Aid MVC

This project was established in July 2017 to facilitate Malaria Elimination in Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. The  project service type is Installation and Implementation of Health Service Posts for Malaria Diagnosis, Treatment and Surveillance for Mobile and Underserved Populations (MMPs) in Musina border, Vhembe District, Mopani District and Capricorn Districts of South Africa. It focuses on MMPs, given the risk of infection importation to and from countries with varying risk of transmission. MMPs, particularly the undocumented, often face complex obstacles in accessing essential health care and malaria-control services. This in turn results in undetected and untreated malaria and increases their vulnerability to malaria-related morbidity and mortality. Resident populations, especially those that travel between areas of different transmission risk, may import malaria into receptive areas. In order to control the importation of malaria, the project has basic Malaria Post offering mobile services to the communities and a Malaria Static Post, which will be stationed close to/at the border to offer health services to MMPs.

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