A Stepping Stones Facilitator combating gender-based violence in rural communities

My name is Karabo Mamphoke, a Stepping Stone Facilitator at the Praktiseer Fetakgomotubatse Municipality, in Tubatse Limpopo. During my routine door-to-door work providing information, I recounted finding a heavily injured 22-year-old woman in one of the households I visited. She was assaulted by her boyfriend.

Due to the incident involving her partner, she did not report it to anyone from the family or social workers for fear of obtaining punishment that would be far worse than assaulting her. 

My recommendation was to refer the lady to a Gender Based Violence organization for counseling, which then referred her to the local social worker to assist her in addressing her perpetrator. Counselling was provided to the woman, along with lessons on her rights. The boyfriend is now legally prohibited from visiting her at the place where she lives and the social worker is now monitoring her every day.

Story by Karabo Mamphoke,

Stepping Stone Facilitator

Child Aid Tubatse