Educating the YWG and Communities on Maternal Child Health.

One of Humana People to People in South Africa’s project, Child Aid Abaqulusi is in a quest to improve the Maternal Child Health in South Africa. Ms. Poncilia Mazibuko is one of the dedicated Project Leadersof Child Aid Abaqulusi project which is based in Zululand district. The project aims to; improve maternal health and child survival within the first 1000 days of children’s lives, improve community and stakeholder participation, strengthen capacity of community health workers, increase awareness and, promote community sensation and promote maternal and child health disease prevention; in rural communities of Zululand district.

Since its inception, the project has reached out to 1108 pregnant women and 4566 children. “Each day, as I engage with pregnant women and mothers about healthy pregnancy and the importance of child immunization, my focus in life is completely changing and has made me re-evaluate my personal and professional goals.  Through community dialogues, I have realized that if you want to change the misconceptions around starting antenatal care before 20 weeks, and securing that infants are fully immunized and fighting high rates of infant mortality the answer is to educate girls and the community” said Poncilia.