Placing Youth in A Position to Fight Gender-Based Violence

We as Humana People to People in South Africa are committed to assisting in educating youth in communities/schools on health matters. The HOPE Pongola project empowers children and youth with information and tools needed to fight gender-based violence, Tuberculosis, HIV&AIDS, Covid-19, and its impact. Busani Ndubane is a Project Leader for HOPE uPhongola situated in KwaZulu Natal, Zululand district, under uPhongola sub-district. “My main responsibility is to empower children and youth not to misuse their rights and responsibilities and how to look after themselves to avoid teenage pregnancy, gender-based violence (GBV) interventions, alcohol and drug abuse, including HIV/AIDS and other pandemics.

Since the establishment of the project, a total of 5,602 youths in the community/schools of Pongola sub-district have been reached. Furthermore, 206 youth clubs were established in 4 areas (Ncotshane section A and B, Madanyini and Mboloba). The clubs contributed to the curbing of new HIV infections as they continued to emphasize the importance of using condoms. In addition, the project identified and enrolled 30 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in Mwagga, Section A, and Roma Section B. The identified orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) are assisted and supported with schoolwork, psychosocial support, lessons on life skills, children’s rights and responsibilities, lessons on house chores, provision of cooked meals, and hygiene packs.