Meet Nontobeko Senzi Kweyama a Project Leader for POF Ndwedwe. I am a key staff that aims to support the mission and values of the Pre-school centres. One of my duties is to uplift the 21 Early Childhood Development centres I am working with, within the ILembe district. These ECD centres are not registered by the Department of Social Development. I am currently working closely with these preschools throughout the program so that they will be registered by Department.

I work closely with the headmaster, teachers, pre-school committees, parents, and the community to ensure that all tasks are completed. I am responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the Preschool centres. My goal is to sustain a high-quality child care program that values partnerships between pre-school committees, parents, staff, community, and stakeholders within Ndwedwe's local municipality. I aim to create an open and honest working environment that inspires professionalism. Since this project started in 2017, we have reached out to 21 pre-schools in Ndwedwe through the following activities.

  • Providing ECD mentorship to our 20 satellites pre-schools/ECD centres 
  • Providing daily breakfast and lunch to 12 preschools.
  • Providing pre-schools with outdoor equipment and educational learning materials.
  • Organizing ECD centres so that they can be able to start their own income generating activities.
  • Maintaining of buildings in the pre-schools to meet the requirements for registration.
  • Providing training for 21 teachers who are currently working in these 21 satellite preschools.