Humana People To People in South Africa with other front liners in the fight against the pandemic

South Africa is now the epicentre of the Corona Virus pandemic in Africa, with more than 19000 confirmed reported cases with 369 deaths across the country’s nine provinces. To delay the spread of the virus, South African government placed the country under a strictly monitored lockdown since 26 March 2020. Since the lockdown started the need for food has risen enormously forcing the government and other social partners to intervene by distributing food parcels to the needy communities.

Humana People To People in South Africa with other front liners in the fight against the pandemic

Humana People to People South Africa (HPPSA) saw a need to provide support to the government by entering in partnership with other social partners, HCI Foundation and eNCA, to provide nutritious food parcels to 2150 needy families in the most disadvantaged areas. Food security forms part of three-pillar strategy in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Humana used its existing programs that are currently operating in 5 provinces; KwaZulu Natal (POF Mangangeni, Child Aid Abaqulusi and Hope Pongola), Mpumalanga (Hope Bushbuckridge), Eastern Cape (Child Aid Mthatha and Gauteng (Child Aid Doornkop); as a vehicle to distribute these food parcels to most deserving families.

Since the start of the lockdown HPPSA has been at the forefront providing support to the community that we are operating within, by giving them enough needed information about Covid-19 and also working with the Department of Health in screening people for Covid-19 symptoms. IMG-20200520-WA0012145 Field Officers - Community Health Workers in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Eastern Cape underwent a training with the Department of Health that equipped them with enough skills and knowledge that enable them to provide information and screen for Covid-19.

Humana People To People in South Africa with other front liners in the fight against the pandemic

Humana was established in South Africa in 1995, with the goal to respond to the socio-economic needs of the underprivileged communities. HPPSA works in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Plan aiming at eliminating poverty and reducing inequality by 2030. For Humana to make sure that it reaches its mandate, it always places itself in the middle of the arena together with the people, government, business and civil society. During this lockdown Humana had no choice but to be together with the people on the ground and make sure that whatever needs that are not met, are taken care of. We believe that in solidarity we all win against this Pandemic.

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