Only the people can liberate themselves from the epidemic

Total Control of the Epidemic, widely known as TCE, is a systematic community mobilisation drive against HIV/AIDS and TB. It targets communities with different educational campaigns and activities that do not only force people to live a healthy lifestyle but that also instil knowledge on how take control of the HIV and TB epidemics.Humana People to People believes that “Only the people can liberate themselves from the Epidemic” and with that ethos in each TCE Area local people are employed to work as Field Officers, walking from house-to-house, person-to-person, mobilising each and every individual to take a stand and become active in the fight against HIV/AIDS and TB.

Only the people can liberate themselves from the epidemicField Officer conducting HIV Counselling and Testing on a couple.

The Field Officers are trained to be able to promote HIV and TB prevention and also to give support to those infected and affected by the pandemics throughout the entire TCE area mostly through door to door visits. The project is currently active in 4 provinces; Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, and KwaZulu-Natal reaching over 100 000 people per year.

In 2014, TCE introduced TCE Communities Forward (TCE-CF) a systematic intervention aimed at helping communities to take control of the HIV and TB epidemics. It equips individuals with the tools they need to mitigate the consequences of the HIV and TB, break down the stigma that still surrounds the epidemics as well as stop the spread of HIV. The goal of the project is to expand high quality community-based HIV Counselling and Testing (CBCT) models supported with innovative and effective referral systems. It aims to contribute to reduce HIV incidence by linking high incident communities and key populations to HIV and TB prevention, care and support services.

Only the people can liberate themselves from the epidemic

Since 2002 till to date Humana People to People South Africa, through TCE project, has managed to reach:

  1. 14 267 714 people through door to door visits by Field Officers
  2. 771 325 number of people tested for HIV by Field Officers
  3. 126 587 679 number of condoms distributed

Between 2015 and 2017 the project has managed to refer about 24 797 people for ART. In 2017 everyone tested for HIV, whether negative or positive, performed TB screening as well and about 9276 people were referred for CD4Count in the same year. Between 2010 and 2014 the program has reached out to about 127 444 number of pregnant women with Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) information.

The Project Activities includes:

  • Conduct Door to door Campaigns
  • Provide Sensitized HTS Services
  • Referrals to treatment and care ART
  • Referrals to prevention services
  • Condom Distribution

TCE did exceptional well in 2017 managing to reach its target through working together with community leaders and other organizations in the operational area.

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