SADC Malaria Day 2020

Today we acknowledge SADC (Southern African Development Community) Malaria Day as we continue our fight to save lives from malaria. This day aims to heighten awareness about malaria and highlight the malaria control programmes fighting the disease, given that it is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. This year’s theme brings solidarity to life and is entitled “Community Involvement is Key to Achieving Zero Malaria”.

SADC Malaria Day 2020

Goodbye Malaria acknowledges that the fight to end malaria is everyone's fight. Operating in Southern Africa, where we have some of the heaviest burden of malaria, we see the wrenching effects this disease has on our communities and our people.

As we lead up to Zero Malaria, we need to ensure the voices of our burdened communities are not lost. Community engagement relies on early participation, frequent feedback and active support from those most affected by malaria. It is these communities that have the most to gain from elimination; improved health and wellbeing, reduced household income loss, less school absenteeism for children – the benefits are vast and intrinsically linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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